Improving digital things
with real world insights

Sites continuously change shape, form and function. My personal site's a working draft - rough ideas about information architecture challenges, digital content and strategies. I'm interested in approaches, tools and techniques that steer and shape good ships, the tactics that lead to better outcomes, the different kinds of real world insight that help transform one digital thing into another. 


Cimbing Velebetaski a multipitch climb in Croatia

Cimbing Velebetaski a multipitch climb in Croatia

Solving tricky problems, simplifying or re-framing complex collections of information and communicating a clear path forwards, once a problem has been understood from a few different perspectives. 

Project adventures and insights

Gearing up

Baychon, Ariege gearing up to climb compact limestone. The day before we'd bushwacked through metres of scrubland and bush to get to a crag with great vistas but rather suspect rock. Climbing outside there are multiple routes to the top out and it's the combined mental and physical problem solving of figuring out that next step that I rather like. This crag is set in a valley, easy to find and superb to climb with solid, safe but stretchingly hard moves. Climbing has taken me to new places and shown me things from new perspectives, though only a few jaw droppingly scary ones. Climbings good when it feels fluent - that essence or feeling that Mihály Csíkszentmihályi calls flow : )  




White-boarding a design research plan

White-boarding a design research plan

I've worked practically and strategically across a wide range of sectors to change website experiences for the better. I've led large IA projects for central and local government, Fast Moving Consumer Goods brands, Not For Profit, Financial Services and Telecoms.

Reflections on IA

What I work on

 A lot of what I do involves switching between qualitative project insight, quantitative project insight and design problem solving to reframe content, mend broken journeys or plan forwards. It's often co-curating, helping conceptualise new requirements - in words, sketches or combinations.